How to Make Positive Self Talk Come Naturally

Positive “self-talk” is the discussion you have inside your head about you, your life and the world around you. Much of your happiness and your ability to achieve goals in life have to do with the things you say to yourself.

If you tend to be a negative person, you most likely negative conversions in your head. To truly be happy and enjoy life, you need turn that negative inner dialogue into a positive.

You can do it, and you can also make the positive talk come more naturally, so it becomes a habit.

What Can Self-Talk Do?

The way you speak to yourself internally can affect your mood and your perspective on life.

Some people get used to using negative self talk as away to give good reason for their problems.

Positive self-talk is all about taking responsibility. “I know I messed up, but here’s what I can do different next time.”

Positive self-talk is used by athletes and business people to help them reach their personal best. Just by telling yourself you can achieve something makes it much more possible. Your brain believes what you say and acts accordingly.

The majority of your happiness is dependent upon your outlook on life, and how you talk to yourself can change that outlook for the better.

Always Find the PositiveIn life bad things happen and people have bad days, but you don’t have to focus on the not-so-good. You need to find the positive.If something bad happens, tell yourself it’s a minor setback, but not a life-altering catastrophe.Okay so you’re sick, it will pass. Just try to focus on getting well and preventing getting the flu next year, instead of asking yourself, “Why do I always get sick?” Make a list of things you can do to stay healthy, instead of sinking into self pity.

Always Accentuate the Positive.

Negative thinkers can talk themselves into believing a good situation has a down side. As soon as you realize your negative thoughts, you can stop them and turn them around

.You got a raise. That’s great news, but those voices in your head start brining you down. “A raise means the boss will expect me to work more.” This is negative and unhealthy. Instead trying telling yourself, “I got a raise because I worked hard and the boss thinks I’m valuable to the company.”

Don’t fall into the negativity trap!Getting the Positive Dialogue StartedTo speak to yourself in a more positive way, you must work on being a more positive person. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Repeating Daily affirmations
  • Focusing on enjoyable moments
  • Confronting your fears
  • Focusing on the present instead of the past or future

You do believe the messages you give yourself. This affects every aspect of your life, but taking the time to practice being more positive is the best way to make positive self-talk come naturally, so you can stop struggling with negative internal chatter.

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